TECH Talks is Coming May 2nd 2015

Technology, Engineering, Creativity, and Health: A Vision of the Year 2020.

TECH talks is a completely student-produced event that brings together graduate students, professors, and industry leaders to speak about exciting areas of development in technology, engineering, creativity, and health in the Pacific Northwest. Looking ahead to 2020, this seminar aims to bridge the gap between the next generation of industry leaders and the developments and areas of focus in the Pacific Northwest. Follow this site for news about the speakers, schedules, and opportunities to make this an exciting event for students and professionals alike.

John Lester Miller

Keynote Speaker - John Lester Miller

Stem Education, the Future of Robotics and Imagery

John brings to bear over 30 years of experience in Infrared physics and engineering. From infrared investigations in the left wing of the Shuttle Columbia to the first thermal measurements of Haley's comet, John has been at the forefront of this interesting developing technology. He has written 4 text books and over 60 papers. He is on Both SPIE's Infrared technology conference committee and the Military Sensing Symposium's executive national committee and chairs several sessions per year in each conference. He has worked at Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories, Mauna Kea Observatories, Rockwell International, Lockheed Martin, the Research Triangle Institute and is presently Chief Technical officer and vice president of advanced technology for FLIR System's Government Division. John holds degrees in Physics and Business.

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